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Blind Test: Pick Your Pitching Pair

Inside are simulated seasons of 4 players (courtesy of OOTP16). Each data set shows the 1-2 starting pitcher combinations for division rivals. On the left are 24 wins with 396 strikeout, and on the right are 27 wins 412 strikeouts. The left pair accumulated 8.5 WAR. The right duo accrued 10 WAR. The left pitchers pitch a ballpark with a .845 ballpark factor, while the right pitchers throw at a field with a 1.062 ballpark factor (anything above 1 favors hitters, under favors pitchers).

Which pair do you want?

When Greatness Fades

Superman power. Superman cape. When things went bad in Metropolis, Superman was always there to save the day. Kobe Bryant has been LA’s Superman. At least that’s how I’ll always remember him. As a late 80’s baby, Kobe has been… Read More ›