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I've found that the three keys to life are a positive attitude, mind over matter, and keeping your eye on the ball.

  • Joe Greeno Lives Up to His First-Round Selection

    As the excellent make-believe-general-manager that I am, I was determined to win now and build for the future. So, with my first pick, I was looking for a young-enough impact player, controllable for multiple years.

  • The 2020 Best Baseball League

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    Could I build a winning team if I didn’t know anything about the players besides what could be gained from their scouting reports?

  • Howard Hired in Brooklyn

    Some local writers are praising the signing as a good one, while others feel Howard, who also goes by “Joe Joe”, is in over his head.

  • I: 607 Area Code

    “Yes. Listen, I’ll explain more later, but I need a yes or no answer from you. There’s a job opening for a GM/Manager for the Brooklyn Biscuits, a Major League baseball team similar to the ones you are familiar with, the Red Sox, the Yankees, etcetera, etcetera…But this job is in a different reality, the CS Paradigm.”

  • Game 3 4/8/2031 | Boise Rumble Ponies @ South Bend Cubs

    In the final game of the season’s opening series, Jacob deGrom will start for us against South Bend’s Jason Bere. I’m going to shuffle my lineup a little bit. Eddie Mathews is getting the day off. Lindor will hit in… Read More ›

  • Game 2 4/7/2031 | Boise Rumble Ponies @ South Bend Cubs

    Game 2 Matchup: Boise Rumble Ponies @ South Bend Cubs Starting Lineups below with career numbers for each player against the opposing starter. Let’s take a look at the player profiles for today’s starters. Starting for us today is 26… Read More ›

  • Opening Day: 4/6/2031 | Boise Rumble Ponies @ South Bend Cubs

    Opening Day Matchup: Boise Rumble Ponies @ South Bend Cubs Starting Lineups (with overall rating of each player out of 80 in parenthesis): Boise Rumble Ponies CF Danny Arias (69) LF Buster Hoover (57) RF Lou Gehrig (72) 3B Eddie… Read More ›

  • Baseball is Never Over | The 2031 Boise Rumble Ponies

    With the 2017 World Series officially over (and what a World Series it was!), I need an offseason outlet for my love of the game. So, I invite you to follow me on my journey in OOTP 18 as the GM and Manager of the Boise Rumble Ponies.

  • Pitchers & Catchers: Best Ace & Backstop Pair

    For most people, February 17th, 2016 is just another Wednesday. But for folks like me, it’s Christmas in February, as the pitchers and catchers from select teams report to camp. Because of this glorious day, The Morning Biscuit crew decided… Read More ›

  • Blind Test: Pick Your Pitching Pair

    Inside are simulated seasons of 4 players (courtesy of OOTP16). Each data set shows the 1-2 starting pitcher combinations for division rivals. On the left are 24 wins with 396 strikeout, and on the right are 27 wins 412 strikeouts. The left pair accumulated 8.5 WAR. The right duo accrued 10 WAR. The left pitchers pitch a ballpark with a .845 ballpark factor, while the right pitchers throw at a field with a 1.062 ballpark factor (anything above 1 favors hitters, under favors pitchers).

    Which pair do you want?