My Favorite Player: Ashley “Blinkard” McKechnie

This post is related to the 2020 Best Baseball League series. If you missed it, check out the series kick-off article.

The 2020 Best Baseball League

What do you do with an extremely popular, extremely thick-headed slugger? Hope he hits bombs without setting any off inside the clubhouse. Ashley’s personality is described in the game as being low intelligence, low adaptability, and low loyalty. And while he hit in the 3-5 spot the entire year, and started 156 games, he spent the entire year angry about his role on the team. Not sure if he wanted to pitch? Spend time in the front office? Good ol’ Blinkard McKechnie.

Thing is, he did mash on the field. Only 9 other times has a player hit 45+ doubles, 45+ homeruns and hit at least .275 in a single season. And while all nine of those instances saw higher batting averages (the lowest on this list is .317!),

Albert Belle5052.317199528CLEAL14363154612117311267380.401.6901.091
Todd Helton4954.336200127COLNL159697587132197214698104.432.6851.116
Albert Belle4948.328199831CHWAL16370660911320021528184.399.6551.055
Larry Walker4946.366199730COLNL15366456814320841307890.452.7201.172
Albert Pujols4745.327200929STLNL160700568124186113511564.443.6581.101
Lou Gehrig4752.373192724NYYAL1557175841492181817310984.474.7651.240
Derrek Lee4650.335200529CHCNL158691594120199310785109.418.6621.080
Albert Pujols4651.331200424STLNL15469259213319621238452.415.6571.072
Juan Gonzalez4550.318199828TEXAL154669606110193215746126.366.630.997
ASHLEY MCKECHNIE4646.275202034LFTAL159687614119169514069153.349.591.941

McKechnie is definitely a reasonable comp to some of these guys.  I scooped up Blinkard in the 22nd round – I’ll take .275/.349/.591 in the 22nd round. He was also elected to the All-Star game, and had a couple of legitimate streaks during the year.

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