Joe Greeno Lives Up to His First-Round Selection

This post is related to the 2020 Best Baseball League series. If you missed it, check out the series kick-off article.

The 2020 Best Baseball League

Fantasy drafts are interesting in that you have to decide whether you draft for the present, the future, or try to thread the needle with both. As the excellent make-believe-general-manager that I am, I was determined to win now and build for the future. So, with my first pick, I was looking for a young-enough impact player, controllable for multiple years. At pick number 11, Joe Greeno seemed like a good option.

Steve Rosin, Laval’s head scout, stated very simply about Joe – “Greeno is a very good player overall”. I always appreciate Steve’s straightforward nature; he doesn’t mince words. He was, however, a hoot at the 4th of July party. I digress…

The rest of Steve’s scouting report went as follows: Joe will routinely challenge for the batting title. He plays plus defense with a plus arm that has plenty of carry and accuracy. He has power and can go yard if a pitcher makes a mistake. He can start in right field on any team in the league.

A 26-year old this polished was hard to pass up in the first round, and so Verde became the first member of the Laval Flying Tigers. He immediately became the face of the franchise, and despite the pressure, shined brightly. He ended the year 8th in the league in extra base hits, was an All-Star, hit 28 homers, 45 doubles, scored 111 runs, drove in 113 runs, and slashed .313/.376/.548. That’s an OPS of .938, an OPS+ of 139, and good for 6.2 WAR. Joe also added 9 outfield assists, which was tied for second across among all RFs. Given my trust in Rosin, I think Verde’s 2020 season wasn’t an example of his ceiling. His 14.3% strikeout rate is excellent, and his BABIP was .333, so his .313 average might have been lowered by some bad luck. Maybe I’m just being hopeful.

Let’s compare him to some statistically-similar age-26 seasons: (For Single Seasons, From 1871 to 2019, For age 26, (requiring H>=194, 2B>=45, HR>=28 and BA>=.313), sorted by Home Runs)

Rogers Hornsby4225046.401192226STLNL1547046231411415265.459.7221.181
Todd Helton4221659.372200026COLNL1606975801382147103.463.6981.162
Hank Greenberg4020049.337193726DETAL15470159413714184102.436.6681.105
Frank Robinson3920851.342196226CINNL162701609134213676.421.6241.045
Matt Holliday3419645.326200626COLNL155667602119511447.387.586.973
Robin Yount2921046.331198226MILAL1567046351291211454.379.578.957
Garrett Atkins2919848.329200626COLNL157695602117112079.409.556.965
JOE GREENO2819445.313202026LFTAL160692619111811359.376.548.923

Joe’s season sits somewhere in a blend of Holliday, Yount, and Atkins’ age-26 seasons. Not too shabby.

Verde’s two most memorable games came at the end of the season, where in one August game he hit a grand slam, with 6 total RBI, and in a September battle, went 3-3 with 2 home runs and scored 4 times. It’s also just cool that he wears the #2 as a right fielder. (Jeter is top 3 SS all time, don’t @ me). Joe was also a lefty masher, batting .348 against south paws. Excited to see what Joe brings in 2021.

Low Leverage2989825514364927450030.3290.3900.5870.977
Medium Leverage214591039313319282020.2760.3380.4770.814
High Leverage106371005462712255020.3490.4080.5850.993
Stats based on Leverage
Versus Left161562047453419223010.3480.4130.6521.065
Versus Right45813825421687640774060.3010.3620.5110.873
Left/Righty Splits
Monthly Stats
Inning 1-3210631538412917273020.3000.3530.5140.868
Inning 4-62117414213475225304030.3510.4200.6211.041
Inning 7-9185511436222516400010.2760.3370.4810.818
Extra Innings13620134120010.4620.5330.8461.379
0 Outs189601739284418260020.3170.3830.5820.965
1 Outs205681919334623327030.3320.3950.5660.961
2 Outs225669410522018410020.2930.3510.5020.853
Stats by Situation (1)
Scoring Position1866015211923516327020.3230.3700.6020.972
Bases Empty31510020617175631440030.3170.3840.5810.965
Runner on 1st11834100041912230020.2880.3640.3730.737
Runner on 2nd6517513168370000.2620.2940.5080.802
Runner on 3rd14610073231010.4290.5000.5001.000
Runner on 1st & 2nd591851527148120000.3050.3880.6781.066
Runner on 1st & 3rd187102123220000.3890.4500.7781.228
Runner on 2nd & 3rd95200111112000.5560.5000.7781.278
Bases Loaded217101196074010.3330.3080.5240.832
Stats by Situation (2)
Two Strikes272681829373525993030.2500.3170.4300.747
First Pitch87318241618100010.3560.3710.6321.003
Count 0-153234151913001010.4340.4360.8301.267
Count 0-24310203670191020.2330.2610.4880.749
Count 1-06117323810001000.2790.2740.5410.815
Count 1-160255042110001010.4170.4190.7001.119
Count 1-2871651315100371010.1840.1910.3680.559
Count 2-026921144001010.3460.3570.6150.973
Count 2-1361120276000000.3060.3060.5280.833
Count 2-28321411470300000.2530.2530.3610.614
Count 3-033200051100001.0001.0001.6672.667
Count 3-1217100192200000.3330.6740.3811.055
Full Count5921702121125131000.3560.5410.5761.117
Behind in Count183491121140300563040.2680.2790.5300.809
Ahead in Count14747103620343302010.3200.4430.5510.994
Stats by Count
Batting Leadoff8201002110000.2500.3330.5000.833
Batting 2nd32820034280000.2500.2940.3130.607
Batting 3rd67213241611660000.3130.3700.5970.967
Batting 4th23510266530000.2170.3570.5220.879
Batting 5th3139923312515327545060.3160.3760.5240.900
Batting 6th1735916210373418262010.3410.4020.6301.032
Batting 8th1000000000000.0000.0000.0000.000
Batting 9th2000000010000.0000.0000.0000.000
Stats by Batting Position

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