Howard Hired in Brooklyn

By Albus Wagner

A new year means a new GM and Manager for the hometown Brooklyn Biscuits, as Joe Howard was announced today by team officials. The 30-year-old native of White Plains, NY was not yet available to speak with the local media, but all are excited to learn about his goals and hopes for the club.

Some local writers are praising the signing as a good one, while others feel Howard, who also goes by “Joe Joe”, is in over his head. Howard has no professional baseball experience, as a coach or as an executive, but has over 15 years of computer simulation and video game knowledge under his belt. The franchise is betting on these analytical skills to propel the Biscuits to success in their first year as a team.

“We’re hoping Mr. Howard can bring some prestige back to Ebbets Field. It feels like forever since that place has been rocking” said Emmett Nigerbaum, owner of the local favorite, Wursts in Buns.

Tomorrow is the inaugural draft of the CS Paradigm League, and it will be the first chance for the new skipper to show off his skills. 

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