Player Spotlight: Who is Manuel Margot?

Manuel Margot, a 20 year old Dominican prospect in the Red Sox organization, is someone who should be on your radar. He has a swing that showcases fast hands and the ability to get full extension, although there is still room for great improvement (his leg kick often leaves him out in front on off-speed and he can pull his head – see later frames in below video). However, his defensive ratings can easily make up for any shortcomings with the bat (85/80 defensive rating in centerfield).

According to Baseball Prospectus’ Mark Anderson:

Raw tools are impressive; potential to contribute with all five tools at average or better level; hit and power will require multiple grade jumps to reach peak; multiple grade jumps elevate risk profile; impressive offensive ceiling in the .275, 15 home run, 25 double, 15 steal range; up-the-middle defensive profile gives some buffer if he doesn’t reach his offensive potential; will stick in CF and be an asset there; strong overall profile; potential everyday center fielder that contributes across the board, but profile comes with extreme risk.

Here’s what the 2014 Baseball Prospectus book blurb had to say as well: 

Margot’s line doesn’t light up the page—unless your Kindle has that function, anyway—but it’s impressive in its subtlety. A .270/.346/.351 slash shouldn’t catch your eye, but when it comes from an 18-year-old in the New York-Penn League, where your average position player is 21, with college experience, and the owner of a .242/.313/.338 line, there’s reason to stop and look. Margot’s potential also helps, as it’s expected he’ll develop more power. Even if he doesn’t, his defense, speed and line-drive swing should make him a valuable outfielder near the top of a big-league lineup some day. It helps, too, that Margot is open to waiting for a pitch to drive. Once he’s better at recognizing said pitches, the offense should come.

Here’s OOTP15’s take on Margot:

Manuel Margot projects to be a decent hitter. A line of .250/.310/.370 wouldn’t be out of the question one day. Expected to be a below-average hitter, will need to work hard on his swing. No power to develop, he will most likely be a singles hitter. A solid, if unspectacular eye. Won’t kill you at the plate, but won’t wear down opposing pitchers either. With a little practice, could be pretty good. Plus-plus defense. Lightning-quick speed. Quietly goes about his business on and off the field.

margotmargot 1margot 2margot 3

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