Player Spotlight: Who is Alex Jackson?

“Some scouts are predicting stardom, while others think he’ll be only an average regular. I’d split the difference on those projections. Projects to be a .310 hitter. Has all-star power potential.”

Would you get excited about a scouting report like that? I definitely would, and so did the Seattle Mariners, who drafted 19 year-old Alex Jackson as the 6th overall draft pick of the 2014 June amateur draft. Many first round draft picks end up beings busts, but I see big things for Jackson, who has a high ceiling as either a catcher or an outfielder.

Take a look at some of his swings:

According to OOTP15, Alex is the #2 overall prospect in baseball, ahead of Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Miguel Sano and Corey Seager. Baseball Prospectus’ Mark Anderson also sees Jackson as a potential “beast” (chat excerpts are shown below).

His OOTP15 ratings are truly eye-opening: (80 is the max rating)
65 potential contact
60 potential gap power
75 potential power – which would put him on par with Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Cabrera & Chris Davis
60 potential eye discipline

alex jackson profile

In a simulated season, we see improvement in almost all categories, and only a slight decrease in overall potential.
alex jackson scouting report

Check out the POTENTIAL 162 game season based off of his 55 games played in the Rookie League of OOTP15. 53 HRs, 144 RBIs, .320 AVG. and a 10.0 WAR. That sounds like a triple crown season to me (yes I know that’s extremely optimistic, but still, the potential is there).alex jackson potential stats

Even his defensive ratings aren’t too shabby, especially when you consider the strength of his arm.alex jackson defensive statsalex jackson defensive ratings

But an interview with Baseball Prospectus’ Daron Sutton gives me even more reason to be hopeful. The below answers sound a lot like a young Derek Jeter, one of, if not the ultimate example of classy competitor. If I were the GM of the Mariners, I would hang on to Alex Jackson for the long haul.

“My mom sets an amazing example for me. The way she goes and she does her thing and makes sure that I have everything I need. She’s always there to support me and has my back on everything and it’s definitely a great feeling,” Jackson said in 2013.

“It’s just one of those things where it’s been since I was young, it’s been taught to me since I was little. You have to go out there and you have to work for everything that you have,” he said this past Sunday. “You can’t get to a certain level and just expect everything to come to you; you’ve got to work for what you get in life. So never stop working hard, just go out there and have fun. You never know what’s going to happen so go out there have fun and enjoy yourself.”


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