What Didi and Andrew mean to the Yankees

Change is in the air in the New York Yankees organization.

Although the method to obtain the prize hasnt changed all that much, (as Dustin Palmateer of Baseball Prospectus puts it: “sign everyone”) the overall strategy seems headed in a new and desperately needed direction for the Yankees: towards youth.

Today the Yankees signed Didi Gregorius, a 24 year old SS brought in for his defense, to help fill the void left by Derek Jeter’s retirement. In addition, they signed 10 of Baseball America’s top 30 international prospects. AND they signed 29 year old reliever Andrew Miller, who had the second highest K/9 ration in the bigs in 2014 (second only to Aroldis Chapman with 17.67).

Take a look at Didi’s projections with a few +/- best case, worst case scenarios. A young short stop with a good glove, who could POTENTIALLY hit a .270-.280 clip would be a great fit for the Yankees as they try and rebuild. Brendan Ryan can platoon.

Here is the Yankees current Active Roster. Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia, Nova, Kelley? Whitley? Warren? Pitching has got to be a focus for the Yanks.

But at the very least, it looks like the Yankees are trying to get younger, while also building their farm system, something they’ve needed to do for many years now.

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